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Zero 88 Jester 24

Compact Lighting Console

  • Patching to 512 DMX channels
  • DMX in allowing snapshots of all 512 DMX channels
  • VGA Monitor Port
  • USB storage and keyboard support
  • MIDI Notes & Show Control




The Zero 88 Jester 24/48 is perfect for small to medium show lighting applications where a greater channel count is needed. With a wide range of features, intuitive operation and great value, Jester 24/48 delivers outstanding performance show after show.

The three operating modes feature control in preset, program or playback including using a traditional theatre playback stack. The Jester 24/48 is a fully functional memory console complimented with on-board LCD display and plug-in monitor port as standard.

We Know AV Say

“The Zero 88 Jester 24/48 is perfect for installed or mobile applications for small-medium sized venue use.”

For Pricing and Further Information

If you want to learn more about the Zero 88 Jester 24, we’d be really pleased to talk to you.

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