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Zero 88

For over 40 years Zero 88 have been designing, manufacturing and delivering entertainment lighting control solutions to a wide range of demanding users in thousands of venues worldwide. Our passion is to create outstanding products that give you a lifetime of service and value, making us your entertainment lighting control supplier of choice.

Alphapack 2 Dimming Pack

Alphapack 2 is a 3 channel fully portable dimmer unit, which can be safely secured to a stand or wall with the use a mounting bracket. LEARN MORE HERE

Betapack 3 Dimming Pack

The Betapack 3 range of 6 channel dimmer packs offers one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions to dimming currently available. LEARN MORE HERE

Chilli Pro 2410i Bypass Dimming Pack

The Chilli Pro 2410i with bypass is a professional 24x 10A per channel cabinet featuring 24 bypass switches for use when direct mains power is needed. LEARN MORE HERE

FLX Lighting Console

Designed to save you time and maximise your creativity, the FLX lighting console is fully featured, portable and easy to use. LEARN MORE HERE

Jester 24/48 Series

Jester 24/48 is perfect for small to medium show lighting applications where a greater channel count is needed. LEARN MORE HERE

Jester ML48 Console

The Jester ML48 brings greater control and flexibility to mixed lighting applications using up to 30 moving lights and 48 dimmer channels. LEARN MORE HERE

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