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TOA AM-1 Real Time Steering Array Microphone

Real Time Array Microphone

  • Built in Voice Detection Sensor
  • 3m range
  • Narrow Directivity
  • Minimal Acoustic Feedback
  • Level Compensation

The TOA AM-1’s innovative voice-tracking technology completely eliminates the interference and inconvenience of gooseneck and handheld mics and removes the barrier between the speaker and the audience. The unobtrusive desktop design frees the speaker to adopt a comfortable speaking position, and allows them to move back and forth in the vicinity of the podium, turn or tilt their heads to address different sections of the audience, or gesture naturally without concern for the location of the microphone. The AM-1 is easy to control, via iPad or PC, with one touch adjustment of control unit parameter settings.

We Know AV Say

“With iPad or PC Control built in the TOA AM-1 Microphone is very easy to set-up and use.”

For Pricing and Further Information

If you want to learn more about theTOA AM-1 Microphone, we’d be really pleased to talk to you.

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