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Founded 1934 in the Japanese city of Kobe, we can draw upon more than 80 years of experience in researching, developing and selling commercial and professional audio  and security equipment.You will find TOA systems in thousands of different places, such as schools, concert halls, shopping malls, skyscrapers, airports and sport stadiums. They are not only there to serve the security and surveillance but also for perfect transmission of concerts and music.

Our pride is that we can use this knowledge to create acoustic sound fields for millions of people to make their lives safer and more pleasant.

A-1700 Mixer Amplifier Series

The A-1700 series are specifically designed to satisfy the multi-microphone public address requirements of environments such as House of Worship and meeting halls. LEARN MORE HERE

A-2000 Mixer Amplifier Series

The A-2000 Series is a cost effective and durable mixer power amplifier. It comes in a range of power outputs, from 30W to 240W. LEARN MORE HERE

AM-1 Real Time Array Tracking Microphone

The TOA AM-1’s innovative voice-tracking technology completely eliminates the interference and inconvenience of gooseneck and handheld mics and removes the barrier between the speaker and the audience. LEARN MORE HERE

F-2352C Ceiling Speaker

The TOA F-2352C ceiling speaker is designed to blend in to ceilings with its smooth low profile design. It is quick and easy to install allowing for precise installation. LEARN MORE HERE

HX-5 Variable Dispersion Array Loudspeaker

The TOA HX-5 is a variable dispersion speaker system with four speaker modules to ensure high power and quality. Each of the four speaker modules orientation can be changed independently. LEARN MORE HERE

HX-7 Variable Dispersion Array Speaker

The HX-7 offers pristine clarity in a wide range of applications from sport venues, auditoriums, concert halls and houses of worship. LEARN MORE HERE

M-864D Digital Mixer

The M-864D Digital Mixer with iPad Interface is a very flexible mixer suited to may installation applications. LEARN MORE HERE

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