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KV2 Audio

Located in Southern Bohemia, KV2 represents many of the unique aspects that are seeing Eastern European manufacturers prosper in these difficult economic times. It’s about the people, the place and strong traditions in education, the arts and industry. Prior to World War II, Czechoslovakia was one of the most industrialised countries on earth.

Today the country is again prospering thanks to the resilience and hard work of its people. Unique in its make up, KV2 draws on it’s Czech heritage. KV2’s employee’s have a strong connection with what they do and a genuine interest in the company, with a desire to build equipment to the highest standard for end user’s around the world.

EX6 Ultra-Compact Active Speaker

The EX6 is a very high quality compact speaker system producing a 2-way full range solution, which defies its size. LEARN MORE HERE

EX10 Compact Active Speaker

The EX10 is a very compact 2-way, high-output, full range active speaker system. Despite its 10″ woofer and remarkably small footprint it successfully takes on many larger 12″ models. LEARN MORE HERE

EX1.2 Compact Active Subwoofer

The EX1.2 is an incredibly compact single 12″ active subwoofer system. As with all KV2 Audio products, the EX1.2 boasts output that belies its compact, low profile cabinet size. LEARN MORE HERE

EX2.2 Compact Active Subwoofer

The EX2.2 is a double 12″, compact, active subwoofer system. On- board electronics include a stereo crossover with high pass outputs and full overdrive protection. LEARN MORE HERE

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