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JBL CBT 100LA-1 Line Array Column

Line Array Column Loudspeaker

  • Constant Beamwidth Technology ™
  • Dynamic SonicGuard™ Protection
  • 200W @ 8Ω / 120W @ 100V
  • 80Hz-20 kHz
  • Available in Black or White

The JBL CBT 100LA-1 with Constant Beamwidth Technology represents a breakthrough in pattern control consistency, utilizing complex analogue delay beam forming and amplitude tapering to accomplish superior, consistent vertical coverage without the narrow vertical beaming and out of coverage lobing that are typical of straight form factor column speakers.

We Know AV Say

“For houses of worship, seminar theatres, shopping malls and any large public areas requiring clear intelligible sound the JBL CBT-Series are the perfect choice and we highly recommend them”

For Pricing and Further Information

If you want to learn more about the JBL CBT Series we’d be really pleased to talk to you.

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