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AKG History

The AKG® brand has been delivering the powerful, undistorted sound that music professionals have relied on for more than 60 years, consistently producing some of the truest and most natural-sounding headphones and microphones in the history of audio. AKG equipment has toured with everyone from Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones to Missy Elliott and Kanye West and even completed a few thousand global orbits aboard the Mir space station with stars of a different variety.

Now, AKG studio performance is available everywhere you need it to be, with wired, wireless and noise cancelling headphones, wired and wireless microphones and ear buds that recreate your favourite music with all the richness and subtlety of the original performance – for your ears only. If you’re serious about music, and you’re looking for the perfect microphones, headphones or ear buds that meet your exacting standards, look no further than the AKG brand.

C747 Professional Shotgun Condenser Microphone

For use in broadcast, recording and television studios, theatres and conferences the AKG C747 VII is a professional shotgun condenser microphone with a flat frequency response and clean off-axis response. LEARN MORE HERE

DMS800 Digital Wireless System

The DMS800, reference digital wireless microphone system is designed to provide accurate signal transmission and reliability in theaters, conferences, live productions and tour sound applications. LEARN MORE HERE

WMS470 Wireless Microphone System

The AKG WMS470 Wireless Microphone System is a perfect choice for a cost-efficient wireless multi-channel microphone system. LEARN MORE HERE

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